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Carnival Fantastique

at Unknown

Sep 10
Carnival Fantastique

Electro Swing is one of the hottest club sounds in the US, growing out of the Steampunk and Dieselpunk movement and thrilling fans across the country. Now, Electro Swing officially lands in Nashville with Carnival Fantastique starring Vourteque, Mr. Automatic and Nashville’s Big Daddy Cool & The Bombshell Kittens!

Vourteque is one of the rising stars in the electro swing and neo-vaudeville communities. Musician, producer, remix artist, DJ, carny and ringmaster – Vourteque entertains and wows crowd from Los Angeles to New York. His sound can best be described as a cross behind the house and disco influenced European style of electro swing but injected with a dose of American industrial, techno and gothic blues. He’s been described as one of the best steampunk and electro swing DJs in the United States. For more information visit

The show also features DJ Mr. Automatic. Mr. Automatic is a Chicago-based Electro Swing DJ and is also is the owner/operator of Dead 2 Me Records, a Neo-Vintage and Retro label based in Chicago. His style has its origins in Electro and Nu Disco, although recently his jazz roots have come to the forefront as he has started fusing these genres with Electro Swing.



$10 at the door, $7 in advance


    Official Website

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