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FreeFall: Exploring States of Chaos and Change

at Corvidae Collective Gallery, Nashville TN

Jul 03 - 30
FreeFall: Exploring States of Chaos and Change

Join us for the exhibition FreeFall: Exploring States of Chaos and Change

Artists include OZ Arts resident sculpture artist Brian Somerville who sculpts his clay beasts solid then dissects, hollows, reassembles and hand carves the entire surface. Joshua Roman, a California based Fine artist and illustrator whose distinct colorful works have been shown in galleries around the country whose use of vibrant rainbow lines and shapes as well as playful creatures often contrast the eerie and sometimes sensual subject matter of his pieces. Bella Harris, a St. Louis native, who works in a variety of mediums and explores the fragility, whimsicality, and unguarded emotional expression between realism and pop surrealism. Jen Lightfoot’s drawings, which are heavily influenced by pinup art, punk rock, and horror films, combine elements of the erotic and the grotesque. 

Freefall Artists: Joshua Roman (Pine Mountain Club, CA), Jen Lightfoot (Ithaca, NY), Bella Harris (St. Louis, MO), Brian Somerville (Nashville, TN), Ella Beyer (Valparaiso, FL), Dolly Georgieva-Gode (Clarksville, TN), Kristen Frenzel (Fort Lauderdale, FL), and John Yandall (Nashville, TN).

Read the article by Beautiful Bizarre featuring Covidae Collective Gallery.


Free Admission


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Corvidae Collective Gallery

11 Arcade Alley, Nashville, TN 37219

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