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Hearts Like Fists

at Belmont University - Black Box Theatre, Nashville TN

Sep 11 - 20
Hearts Like Fists

Directed by Jessika Malone and David Ian Lee

Featuring: Britt Byrd, Jess Darnell, Jack E. Chambers, Cassie Hamilton, LaTorious Givens,
Brooke Groneymeyer, Kara McLeland, Hayley Rose Maurer, Austin Olive, and Parker Arnold

A superhero noir comedy about the dangers of love. The city’s heart beats with fear: Doctor X is sneaking into apartments and injecting lovers with a lethal poison. Lisa’s heart beats with hope: Now that she’s joined the elite Crimefighters, maybe she can live a life with meaning. And every beat of Peter’s wounded heart brings him closer to death, but he’s designing an artificial replacement that will never break. Can the Crimefighters stop Doctor X? Do Peter and Lisa have a chance at love? And who is the girl with a face like a plate?

“Parody and punches fly…The combination is madcap. Pretty hysterical too.” —NY Times. “So much fun…comic-book action and delicious one-liners…exhilarating, nerdy-sexy, and silly-smart.” —LA Times

“…the colorful energy of a comic book [and] the dialogue is smart, self-aware, and wickedly funny. It’s hard to imagine a better night at the theater.” —

“A fun, twisted exploration of what it means when someone Hulk-smashes your heart on the ground into a million pieces. It’s goofy. It’s absurd. But it hits hard where it counts—right in the ticker.” —Village Voice



$20 in advance
$25 at the door


    Official Website


Belmont University - Black Box Theatre

1575 Compton Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212
(Neighborhood: 12South)

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