Mar 05 2016
Apr 04 2016
Crappy Magic Experience by David Hellams

Crappy Magic Experience by David Hellams

at Seed Space

The photographs in David Hellams’ Crappy Magic magazine are made during the artist’s routine trips to thrift store outlets, where surplus donated goods are sold by the pound from large unsorted bins in a warehouse-like setting. Some of the images evoke a celebration of endless variety and unexpected combinations, while others may provoke a feeling of repulsion. It’s tempting to imagine the mix of discarded things in the bins as a kind of seething pool that offers glimpses into the collective unconscious of generations of mass producers and consumers.


The Crappy Magic Experience will be an interactive installation that emulates the thrift outlet model of inviting interaction with and consumption of otherwise unwanted things. The artists will be filling bins in the gallery space with a curated collection of items, and visitors are invited to root around in the piles and make photographs of any arrangement of stuff they like. Crappy Magic magazine issues 1-4 will be available for viewing and purchase. Artworks responding to product packaging and cultural debris will supplement the installation. Visitors can also peruse a special Ebay store, which serves to create a parallel digital database of the piles of stuff, and to re-negotiate the value of individual things. A live auction of some of the artists’ favorite items will be conducted at the closing reception.


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Free Admission

Dates & Times

2016/03/05 - 2016/04/04

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Seed Space

1201 4th Ave South, Suite 117, Nashville, TN 37210