Apr 28 2016
Key of Intensity

Key of Intensity

at The Platform

The Ondes Martenot is a rare French instrument created in the 1920s that blends a traditional piano keyboard with timbral controls and amplification through gongs and lyres, among others. It is incredibly rare to even hear an Ondes Martenot live due to the limited number of musicians who have mastered it, but Intersection has crafted a six-piece bill devoted entirely to the instrument featuring two of the finest Ondes Martenot performers in the world: Montreal’s Estelle Lemire and Marie Bernard.

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Phone: (423) 620-7177

Email: matt@foxinaboxpr.com

Dates & Times

2016/04/28 - 2016/04/28

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The Platform

1500 2nd Ave. S, Nashville, TN 37210