Feb 26 2016
Kristen Ford, Tony Memmel, Mary Jennings

Kristen Ford, Tony Memmel, Mary Jennings

at Unknown

Kristen Ford’s one-woman-band performance includes guitars, percussion and a variety of looping effects pedals, to create a unique musical experience that evolves with each night´s show. Her indie music fuses folk, reggae, country, and blues with a healthy dose of rock and roll. Kristen is a Massachusetts native, with a traveler’s heart.  This fall she volunteered in Bolivia playing music with children in rural libraries. This experience provided Kristen with endless inspiration for new material she is ready to debut. Her one woman band explores the format of looping vocals and guitar riffs, specifically writing for the sum of her moving parts: loopers, drums, vocals and stringed instruments. Within the constraints of that technology, a stacked and ambient vibe emerges, underpinning Kristen’s ability to be acoustically brooding one moment, explosive and epic the next. The show always promises to be a deliciously fun night of music, highlighting the musical growth Kristen has experienced over an adventurous couple of years, interacting with diverse audiences across the country and around the world.

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Email: kristenfordmusic@gmail.com

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2016/02/26 - 2016/02/26

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